The guarantee conditions for your work surface are the following:

  1. As our products are made of natural stone, we cannot guarantee that the colour and structure of the product conform totally to the samples.
  2. The surface has been sealed with a special maintenance product that prevents food and beverage stains.
  3. When any acid substances and oils get on the work surface, clean them with a humid soft cloth within at least 12 hours.
  4. The maintenance product is hygienically clean.
  5. We give 1 year guarantee for our products/ services from the date of purchase on the condition that all the above-mentioned requirements have been fulfilled.
  6. Guarantee applies to faults in material and production and covers both the cost of material and service provided that the fault was caused by Graniteset
  7. Guarantee repair does not prolong the period of guarantee.


The guarantee does not apply if:

  1. Damage is caused by misuse or neglect;
  2. Defects do not reduce the value of the product or impair its use;
  3. Product has been modified by the owner himself;
  4. In case of mechanical damage;
  5. Surface has been damaged with corrosive substances (e.g. acids)
  6. Surface has been damaged with black tea
  7. Surface has been damaged with any dangerous substances mentioned in the maintenance requirements.